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Exclusion: A Short Story

A story based on the Chinese Exclusion Acts. Exclusion: A Short Story is now available for purchase in San Francisco at Amazing Fantasy, Comix Experience, and Mission Comics. For mail order please contact gerry@gchow.com for ordering information.

'We're Still Here' - Repeal the Muslim Ban


I’m proud and honored to have been part of this short comic, a collaboration with Raina Telgemeier, Thi Bui, and Asian Law Caucus. The Muslim Ban, upheld by the Supreme Court in its June 2018 ruling, continues to tear families apart. But the efforts for Congressional action to repeal the ban continue, and it needs your support. The short comic can be seen in full at Julie Danielson's blog, 'Seven Impossible Things', and in our various social media feeds (instagram: @goraina, @teabuoy, @gchow17, @aaajalc). Take action by contacting your representative to #RepealTheBan. Learn more at Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus and NoMuslimBanEver.com. 


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A New King