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A coming of age story in a time of change...


In the aftermath of a bloody civil war and the subsequent crackdown on divergent thought and behavior, two young friends are raised in an orphanage that serves as a feeder into President Nigel Transom’s vision of a media-controlled and monolithic nation-state of Agathon.

As their eyes are further opened to the cruelty and corruption in the world around them, Joshua and Penny are swept in by an alternate vision – one espoused by an Underground society devoted to the idea of restoring democracy and liberty.

Over the course of their formative years, they will go from spectators in a world losing its grasp on individual rights, to key participants in the sometimes insurmountable struggle for social change.

But the regime controls media, information, social rules and norms, the hearts and minds of a passive populace, and - in many ways - reality itself.

© gerry chow